This flour rocks! I've used it with great success in pumpkin bread, banana bread, pumpkin corn muffins, chocolate truffle cupcakes, blueberry cardamom pound cake and apple cake. It's so great to enjoy baked goods again without the tummy and skin problems I get from wheat...and so nice to not have to figure out the perfect balance of alternative flours to get the right chemistry. I do add a bit of either yogurt, sour cream or pudding, or extra mashed fruit, which helps keep the moisture. Thank you for such an awesome product!
Kelly in Ohio

After having to adjust my diet due to a wheat allergy, giving up sweets was by far the hardest. Not only was baking a hobby of mine, but family and friend always enjoyed and looked forward to my creations. I experimented with quite a few different gluten ree flours. Some were hard to modify with recipes, some had a strong bean after taste and the rest needed additives that were expensive and impossible to find. My search has come to an end with Meister's Gluten-Free Flour Mixtures. I have used it in my favorite recipes and the outcome and taste is the same as with conventional flours. I can't wait for the holidays to make my old favorites and try some new ones too! Thank you!
~ Debbie, West Allis, Wisconsin

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease nearly five years ago and have been baking ever since, often using a different flour mix for each product and frequently disappointed with the result. Recently I found Meister's Gluten Free Flour Mixtures and it's such a pleasure to have one flour mix for almost everything I bake (saves time, too). The angel food cake is to die for. I just made muffins this morning and I haven't had muffins this light since my pre-gf days. The pie crust is every bit as good as my pre-gf pie crusts (in fact, I couldn't tell the difference), and I also use it for cakes and cookies with excellent results. The Meisters have come up with a really great product. It saves time to not have to mix different flours for each item to be baked, and it's especially nice to be able to use some of my pre-gf recipes with an end result that is really excellent each time I use it. I am going to ask my local health food retailer to begin stocking this product.
~ Helen, Celiac for 5 years

"Wow, I can't believe how tasty your bread is! Yummy! I never imagined that I would ever eat baked goods that taste good without cheating. Now I have no reason to cheat again. Thank you! Thank you!"
~ Linda Daniel, Celiac for over 20 years

"My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago with celiac disease. We have tried many commercial gluten-free flour mixtures. We also have tried making our own mixtures from recipes. Finding Meister's Gluten Free Flour mixture has been a real blessing. We are excited about trying some of the other mixes you have. We've made several items from regular recipe books, using Meister's Gluten Free mixture and were amazed! Our chocolate cake recipe has been used by our family for over 50 years. I used cup for cup Meister's Gluten-Free Flour mixture and no one could tell a difference from our regular wheat flour cake. What a joy!! Thank You!"
~ Mike (Celiac for 2 years) and Marla Duff

"I first tried the Meister bread at an open house. It was by far the best gluten free bread I have ever eaten! I made a grilled cheese sandwich with the bread that night. It was the first grilled cheese sandwich I had made since being diagnosed a year prior. I was so impressed with how good the bread tasted, I made another one for lunch the next day for myself and a friend. I have also had the privilege of trying the Meister's pumpkin bread, lemon bar, cookie, and cinnamon muffin. I have been so impressed by all of their products. They truly make gluten-free eating enjoyable."
~ Lauren Dutkanych, Celiac for 1 year

"Oh, my goodness....I made a blueberry pie for my husband and my dad for Father's Day...It was amazing! I just used my regular pie crust recipe...the taste was great. I also made my favorite coffee cake recipe at the same time. My whole family ate it for breakfast this morning...they all said they could not tell a difference. I really think you two are on to something. I regret that I have not tried it sooner because I was so sick this Spring. My only problem now is that I can see that all of the weight I had lost due to my illness is going to creep its way back on. Oh, well... a small price to pay to enjoy the baked goods that I thought I would never get to enjoy again. Thanks so much... I'll keep experimenting and let you know what I find...I think I'm going to love cooking again. Thanks again.
~ Debbie Seelhoefer, Celiac for 2 years

"We have used your flour for everything from pancakes and waffles to cakes, shortbread, etc. We love it. It leaves no after taste and the baked goods have great texture, color, and flavor. Dale really likes the bread. It makes great grilled cheese sandwiches. It also worked really well with my pie crust recipe. Keep up the good work!!
~ Dale (Celiac for 3 years) and Madalyn Seggebruch

Well, the bread turned out wonderful! The best bread I have baked yet. The texture was nice and soft and did not fall apart. I actually enjoyed my sandwich I ate today and did not choke it down, but ENJOYED it. Thanks for the bread mix.
~ Stephanie,newly diagnosed Celiac

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