In the spring of 2000, David Meister was biopsy diagnosed with Celiac Disease. During the seven years prior to being diagnosed as a Celiac, David was being treated for a pancreatic problem that actually didn't exist. Like many Celiacs, David's symptoms were misdiagnosed, which, over time, can lead to more serious health problems than just the underlying Celiac disease. At first, David had a difficult time adjusting to the gluten-free diet (the only known and effective treatment for Celiac disease) because the variety of off-the-shelf, gluten-free foods he could eat was limited. However, the improvement in his overall health was apparent when he avoided foods containing gluten. David's family and friends told him that he was like a totally new person: full of energy with an upbeat outlook on life! Fortunately, David's mother, Mrs. Meister, loves a cooking challenge, so she set out to develop a gluten-free flour mixture that could be used cup for cup in all her family recipes and with a taste that David and his family enjoyed. After two years of sampling different gluten-free flour mixture combinations, Mrs. Meister developed what is now sold as "Meister's Gluten Free Flour Mixture," a true cup for cup substitute that can be used in any recipe to make it gluten-free!

Now, David and his wife Rhonda enjoy sharing their family's gluten-free recipes with other Celiacs and people with gluten intolerances throughout the Midwest! Meister's Gluten Free Flour Mixture, gluten-free bread mixes, and gluten-free baked goods are produced in a state licensed, dedicated gluten-free, and nut-free facility. You can purchase their products from many local grocery and health food stores, and on-line at

Our Misson & Vision

Our Mission is what inspires us:

- To allow all people to bake gluten free more easily for their families

- To give more people a chance to enjoy scrumptuous baking

- To empower the food service industry to better serve all people with dietary restrictions

Our Vision will guide us to growth:
- Continuous innovation of baking products for the home kitchen and the foodservice bakery

- Commitment to opening up the world of baked goods to people with digestive intolerences

- Dedication to holding the flavors of modified products to the same standards as regular counterparts

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